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Meet Aleza Waheed, Resourcing Consultant.

Aleza is our Resourcing Consultant in our New York office, working in the Software Engineering and Product space.


Here’s what she has to say about a typical day in her recruitment world.

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Start of the day…

On a typical office day, I leave home (Bushwick Brooklyn) around 7:45am, meaning I arrive at the office (in the Financial District, Manhattan) by 8.30am. I use the first 30 minutes to get myself geared up for the day ahead. This involves having a coffee, checking over emails, making sure I am clear on any meetings or calls I have or need to schedule during that day.

I start each day catching up with my manager Hugo at 9am – we’ll talk through any projects I have on, as well as anything specific I need help with. This often has involved getting to grips with the language of recruitment – that’s knowing what to say and when to say to ensure the desired outcome.

Other times we talk through any industry news. Getting to know your market is key. It’s been a learning curve to get to know the engineering space but I have enjoyed the process.


The tech industry is always changing and there are so many interesting companies, especially the mission driven companies. These companies encourage more diversity hires and it’s great to be a part of the process of building diverse candidate pools.

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Getting into the job…

Of course, every day is little different (one of the reasons why I love my job).

If I’m working on a new role the day will be heavily taken up by talent searching. This involves looking for suitable candidates in my LinkedIn network or outreaching via cold calling.

I have learnt so much through listening in on my (more experienced) colleague’s calls. 
Candidate cold calling was something I found extremely daunting, but with James’s (our AVP) advice I am now confident doing this.

I love speaking to candidates and managing those relationships. There’s also an element of problem solving I enjoy – it’s my job to understand what our clients need for their new recruit, then to match this with someone who would enjoy fitting into that role as their next career move. I’ve found the more you’re aligned with the client and what they’re looking for, the easier it is to talk to the candidate and talk about the role. 

When it comes to the stage of a candidate being offered a role. I’m getting more and more involved in the negotiations. There can be a lot involved in making sure both parties are happy and closing the deal! It’s satisfying to meet nice people and get them good jobs!

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Lunch time

Lunch varies from day to day – there’s so many options with us being right next to the World Trade Centre. Jamrock Jerk and Shake Shack are the office favourites!


Recently we’ve been trying to be healthier and going for a Sweetgreen or smoothie instead 😉

How about the social side of things?

I really enjoy office days – we’re in around 3 days a week. We get on well as a team – we’re able to have a laugh, yet we all know when it’s heads down time and we learn so much from each other. 


We’ll often go for drinks together after an office day to wind down after work. It’s great to be able to work with people I get along with both in and outside the office!

Your favorite thing about working at Trilogy International?

The flexibility of being able to work from home is great – these days allow me to really get my head down and schedule in those calls!

But most of all, I love the level of ownership I’ve been able to take of my own career, Thanks to the incredible support along the way, I’ve grown to be a young professional businesswoman.

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