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Meet Charlie Laxton, Principal Consultant.

Charlie joined Trilogy International in spring 2017 as a delivery consultant on our European Tech team.

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Still working within the European Tech market, he has worked his way up to principal consultant with ambitions to become a director in the future.

What attracted you to working at Trilogy International?

Honestly, it was meeting Dan Fox and their vision of them being the plucky underdog, fast growing go getters.


I saw an opportunity to make a mark in a company that was rapidly expanding (and still is!), enabling fast career progression and to hopefully become a director in the future. 


The fact I’d be working so closely to the decision makers was also a huge appeal – this way I knew I’d learn so much, and fast!


I had interviewed at some bigger, more corporate recruitment companies, but none of these were the right fit. I didn’t want to be part of a stereotypical salesy city company or to be a number amongst many.

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What was your background in recruitment prior to joining? 

I had no previous experience, I’d been working as a labourer in construction. My best friend had experienced some success in the recruitment industry and recommended I give it a go!

How has working at Trilogy helped you to progress your career? 

I’ve been surrounded by and worked closely with some highly successful people, enabling me to learn so much.


It’s an environment where if you are hungry for success and with the right attitude, there’s a good chance you’ll succeed.


There’s also the freedom to pursue business however and wherever you want so long as you can justify it.

What’s been your favourite part of working at Trilogy so far? 

Through time I’ve built trust with the management team, so I’ve had the autonomy to run my part of the business how I want to and built my own success.

What’s been your highlight moment? 

I reached a key milestone just before Christmas 2022. When I started with absolutely no recruitment experience, I had dreams of reaching half of that as it seemed so out of reach at the time.  To actually reach the milestone is an incredible achievement and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be where I am now.

What's your advice to anyone wanting to get into recruitment (especially as a grad)?

Make sure it’s a profession you want to get into and don’t expect it to be easy.


Work out your motivation and have goals set, whether those might be financial or lifestyle related, for example.


Always ask the important questions to ensure you understand every step throughout the learning process.

And finally, the best thing about working in recruitment?

When times are good, for me it’s the financial rewards and the lifestyle this enables. I was able to buy my dream car and have been on some great holidays.

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