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Meet Helen Tankard, Manager.

Helen joined Trilogy International in June 2019, after a series of resourcing jobs.

Helen has since developed her work to a 360 approach, encompassing a number of different stages including business development, preparation, sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring, and onboarding of candidates.

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What attracted you to working at Trilogy International?

I had spent time at a huge recruitment company previously and wanted to join a smaller team.  I also had an interest in tech, and office location was important, so Trilogy International looked like a good fit!

I interviewed with Craig Greene initially who was super keen to get me trained up and into the full 360 approach (the complete process of recruiting talent with all the phases including sourcing, interviewing, selecting and hiring).  After meeting the other directors who were really nice, I accepted the challenge!

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What was your background in recruitment prior to joining? 

I had 2 years resourcer experience (finding candidates for interviews, as opposed to finding clients too) and had just come back to the UK after spending a year in Sydney, Australia. 

How has working at Trilogy helped you to progress your career? 

I've been here for 3 years now and have progressed to managing a couple of people which I really enjoy. Trilogy has helped me progress my career with regular trainings (external) and with internal members of the team. My manager is always on hand to help with any tips I need.

What’s been your favourite part of working at Trilogy so far? 

Working with mission driven tech start ups that are focused on improving the world and how we live has been incredibly interesting and rewarding. Such start ups have included tech companies within the non profit space, healthcare, education tech, and financial products to help the disadvantaged. I love working in tech and it's not about to go out of fashion any time soon!

I've also had some amazing experiences since joining Trilogy International.  The rewards are incredible; last year we went to Ibiza and this September we're off to Las Vegas. The high performer lunches have been a nice treat as well!  Earlier this year I was flown out to our New York office - it was great to meet everyone there in person.

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What’s been your highlight moment? 

When I first joined I was working the UK permanent market. When COVID hit this market was really badly affected, and so I transitioned to working the US market. My biggest achievement has been making this a success.

I've been able to really focus on hiring diverse candidates. This has lead to me building up a huge network of diverse / female talent. Most of my placements since working the US market have been women, and I am now approached by companies who specifically want to make their workforce more diverse. 

What's your advice to anyone wanting to get into recruitment (especially as a grad)?

It’s a very 'work hard' culture but you get a lot out of it. My advice would be to find your niche, make it your own business, and to use your branding on LinkedIn.

And finally, the best thing about working in recruitment?

I love the fact that I am essentially running my own business. I choose what clients I work with and I choose my success, since the harder I work the more I get out of it (this is a huge motivating factor!). 


I also enjoy the financial freedom, I've been able to buy my first house before hitting 30.

Have we caught your interest?

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