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Meet Nick Saul, Associate Director.

Nick was was one of Trilogy’s first hires in 2015.

He has been responsible for building out our UK Insurance practice and was promoted to Associate Director in 2022. He is now responsible for the Asset Management practice alongside Insurance. 

Nick Saul

What attracted you to working at Trilogy International?

I had worked with the founders (Dan, Ivan and Jamie) previously. They were renowned within the business change and transformation recruitment industry.


So, when they brought the opportunity forward to join as Trilogy’s first hire, I couldn’t refuse the chance to work so closely with such a talented group of directors.

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What was your background in recruitment prior to joining? 

I had 5 years’ experience recruiting within the pharmaceuticals industry. I was ready for the challenge of a new market and new company. The prospect of building something from scratch was very exciting! 

How has working at Trilogy helped you to progress your career? 

The career progression opportunity here has enabled me to go from a billing consultant to associate director running a high performing team comprising of 5 people. Regular management training has really helped me along the way.


Working so closely with our market leading founders since joining the company has continually allowed me to learn and grow as an expert in my field. They are supportive of bringing new ideas for my team and have allowed me a great amount of autonomy.


Such autonomy essentially allows me to run a business within a business; I’m given the freedom to make decisions, set a strategy, and decide what direction to take team in.

What’s been your favourite part of working at Trilogy so far? 

I love the high performing culture where people have the autonomy to do what they want to achieve their success. There is the perfect balance of enjoying what you do, having fun with colleagues along the way and knowing when to knuckle down to go after the results you want.


I’ve enjoyed building relationships across the company through opportunities to go away with other teams on lunches and incentive trips.

What’s been your highlight moment? 

My team reaching a landmark milestone in terms the numbers of runners (contractors working through Trilogy) has been a big highlight and an exciting part of our growth journey.

As well as being promoted to Associate Director of course!

What's your advice to anyone wanting to get into recruitment (especially as a grad)?

Work from the ground up, keep your head down and work your socks off! Build a good foundation and become a specialist in your market.


Successful recruitment is all about building relationships and therefore building business, so pick up the phone and talk to and meet as many people as you can.

And finally, the best thing about working in recruitment?

The opportunity to interact with so many different people every day keeps the job interesting. I really enjoy building relationships with people and this is the biggest part of the job.  


Also, the earning potential (if you apply yourself!) gives you the freedom outside of work to do the things you want to do.

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