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Meet Tim Myhill, Principal Consultant.

Tim has built a successful career since joining as one of Trilogy International's early recruits back in February 2016.

He recruits Technology and Business Change professionals into the Insurance Industry. 

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What was your background in recruitment prior to joining? 

I had no recruitment experience at all. I had recently moved over to Plymouth from New Zealand and had spent 5 long months running an insurance sales team. Needless to say this wasn't for me!


I had a few friends who had made the transition from sales into recruitment and loved it, so I decided to apply for recruitment roles, despite not knowing what exactly was involved. 

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What attracted you to working at Trilogy International?

For sure it was seeing the opportunity in working alongside the founders of the company who had 15 years recruitment experience and had built a multi million pound company. I met Ivan (Jackson) and Dan (Fox) and was impressed with their track record and how much they had achieved. 

At that same time I was offered a role at a large mainstream recruitment company, but their generic training programme was uninspiring and I imagined I would become a number amongst many other employees there.  In terms of earning potential, it just didn't compare to what I could earn at Trilogy!

How has working at Trilogy helped you to progress your career? 

I've learnt from the best, and continued to progress to become one of the top billers. The business development mentorship I get from Nick (Saul) ensures I am still learning and developing, while still being able to work with autonomy. Being in a high performance environment is a major driver to crack on and deliver.

What’s been your favourite part of working at Trilogy so far? 

I've enjoyed the process of building my success through networking. I love the industry I recruit for and I've built some great candidate and client relationships over time (this is key to recruitment success!). I've built up my own business and have autonomy in what I do but with the support of mentorship and I love being surrounded by so many successful people. Plus, I have built some really great friendships with the people in the office.

What’s been your highlight moment? 

Placing my first director candidate is definitely up there, not only as a great personal achievement, but at this level the candidate has a greater impact on the clients I am recruiting for. They have the ability to build teams and become clients themselves, therefore generating more business.

What's your advice to anyone wanting to get into recruitment (especially as a grad)?

Find a team that’s hungry and high performing. Get your head down and get on the phone, soak up as much market knowledge as possible, get to know the lingo and build up your credibility.


Remember your network is key - know the industry, know your candidates, know your clients. All of this will improve your speed of delivery and be the driver of your success!

And finally, the best thing about working in recruitment?

It's the lifestyle – the travel, fine dining, experiences I wouldn't have dreamed of 7 years ago - that recruitment has enabled for me. When I first came to London I'd buy a loaf of bread to eat for breakfast and dinner, now I get to eat at Michelin star restaurants at least once a month.

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