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Meet Hugo al Homsi, Head of Software Engineering & Data Recruiting.

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Hugo is our Head of Software Engineering & Data Recruiting in our New York office. Here’s what he has to say about a typical day in his recruitment world.

Start of the day…

On a typical working from home day, I’ll wake up at 7.30, make a coffee and mentally organize my priorities for the day. It’s important I consider what I need to accomplish today to ensure progress towards my weekly / monthly / quarterly goals.

Before our 9am team meeting, I’ll make sure I’ve answered any initial emails that might have come through the evening before, and any basic admin that needs to be done. 

My 9am kick off call is with my team – we spend 30 minutes talking about our active accounts (any jobs we are trying to fill), goals and deal opportunities.  

Once the meeting is wrapped up, I have a training meeting with the newest addition to our team, going through what makes a good software engineering candidate for our clients.

My next big job for the morning is a meeting with a new client. This call is set up so I can learn about their business needs and processes and, most importantly, how we can best satisfy their business needs. I often come across clients who aren’t paying enough money for a skillset they want. It’s my job to share market data on work for other clients, and encourage them to increase their salary. This will mean I am able to set up new interviews for candidates that will satisfy needs better.

Once all this information has been collected, I’ll bring the details of this new client call to the team; we’ll develop a plan to attract candidates and get to e-mailing/calling!

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Lunch & gym…

At 1pm I head off to the gym. I personally value going to the gym during the day – it gives me more energy for the afternoon. I appreciate this flexibility that my working from home day gives me!

A productive afternoon…

At 2.30 we have our afternoon team kick-off. Here I check in with the team about their progress on today's goals, and it gives them a chance to soundboard any ideas they have about any solutions they’re working on. 

As soon as that’s done, it’s individual business development time. Part of my role as manager is to also bring in new accounts. This is when I network to articulate our services to new potential clients. 

Also on the afternoon’s agenda is a call to interview new potential hire! We're growing incredibly quickly and looking to hire the next generation of recruitment specialists into our brand new office space in NYC.

To wrap up my day, I check in with team and finish the day's final administrative tasks before heading to meet some friends at my local pub at 5.30pm – time to unwind!

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Your favourite thing about working at Trilogy International?

I appreciate our hybrid way of working! Remote days are advantageous in the sense that I tend to be able to accomplish a lot more hands-on, head down tasks as I’m away from distractions. However, office days enable me to interact and collaborate with my team more - contributing to more effective work, and better results.

I love that we regularly go out as a team! Whether it's a few individuals, those catching trains in the same direction - or the whole office celebrating small and big wins - we definitely take advantage of being in the middle of the greatest city on earth (sorry, London :) ). 

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